19 Dic 2012

Talking with JR “Giddy” Giddens

Here’s the interview at one of our players, Justin Ray Giddens. The interview is composed by two parts: the first about the team and the season in general and the second by some curiosities about Jr.
Nothing else to say: enjoy it!

Season and Team

How do you feel here in Brescia? Are you enjoying the city?
I feel great about the team and the coaches… I feel like we have a chance to finish strong this season.
What do you think about the coach and the teammates?
I enjoy playing for coach and I love my teammates: we get along really well on and off the court.
Where do you think can the team arrive this season? Playoff, something lower or something higher?
I feel like we will make the playoffs this season.
What do you think about the performance of the team in this season up so far?
So far this season we have been solid … I feel like we let some matches that we should have won slip away. but over all we have been solid.


Which is your nickname, besides JR?
Giddy, JGiddy or JGidd; my coach calls me “Manible”: it means half man and half animal.
Which is your lucky number?
Have you got any ritual before playing a game?
I try to smile and be happy.
Who’s your favorite singer?
Favorite food?
Eggs all the breakfast foods: I love breakfast foods!
Who’s the strongest player you have ever met?
There are 2 at the same level:  LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.
Best game ever ? Best with Brescia?
My best game is yet to come!
A special message to a one of your teammates?
I'd  like to thank all my teammates for being good friends, making me better everyday and helping my Italian experience be a great one.
A special message to a member of the staff?
Thank Brescia staff for giving me an opportunity to represent their organization in the country of Italy. Also want to thank all the coaches for working with me everyday!
Biggest dream?
To be a great basketball player: no matter where I play, all I want is that people feel like I'm a special player and see that I play hard and with my heart every single match.
Any curiosity from the Nba?
I’m not focused on the NBA right now, I’m just trying to be the best player where I'm at right now.
Christmas Greetings for your fan?
I’d like to thank the fans for their great support every game:  I enjoy them cheering me on, as much as they enjoy seeing us play. Very thank to have such great fans: Happy Christmas to you all by Giddy 🙂
Thank you JR for your time! 

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